Hearable device to debut on Airbus A380 FLYING HONU flights, with the option to expand to other routes.


•Innovative new technology to simplify communication between flight attendants.


•ANA aims to enhance service by increasing communication opportunities with passengers through new technology.TOKYO, May 23, 2019 – All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest and 5-Star airline for seven consecutive years, will be debuting exciting new BONX GripOpens in a new window, a hearable device designed to aid in communication between flight attendants. This device combines proprietary technology with a smart application, making it possible for users to speak freely and naturally at any distance, in any environment. This is the latest in a series of movesOpens in a new window that highlight ANA’s embrace of advanced technologyOpens in a new window and cement the airline’s reputation as an innovator.

“At ANA, we apply the latest technology to constantly improve our ability to offer world-class service, hospitality and comfort aboard our flights,” said Akihiko Miura, Executive Vice President of ANA. “By making it easier for flight attendants to communicate with each other, they will be better equipped to meet passenger needs. These hearable devices are just one important tool that ANA is testing, and we look forward to harnessing the latest technological breakthroughs to improve every aspect of the travel experience.”

The device will take the place of the intercom in facilitating communication between flight attendants on the Airbus A380. The increased staff required to operate an A380 makes it the perfect case for this promising new technology. This will increase flexibility and give flight attendants more options as they work together to meet passenger needs.

ANA will begin using this hearable device from May 24, 2019 on board the first FLYING HONU flight. Data and feedback will be collected that will help ANA determine if the technology will be expanded to other employees working around the aircraft.