All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest and 5-Star airline for seven consecutive years, has been recognized by travel data and analytics firm Ciriumblank for its exceptional service and reliability in providing on-time performance throughout 2019. This is the second consecutive yearblank that ANA has been named the top performer among Asia Pacific network carriers by Cirium, with its 2018 record receiving first place accolades from Cirium formerly known as FlightStats.

Cirium’s comprehensive evaluation of ANA’s Asia Pacific performance resulted in a score of 86.49%, an increase from 85.25% in 2018. Globally, ANA came in second place among all mainline carriers with a rating of 86.26%. For more information, please visit the website below:

“Though this marks the second consecutive year that ANA has achieved the highest rate of on-time performance in the Asia-Pacific region, we remain as committed as ever to improving our ability to offer punctual and reliable service to our passengers,” said Shinichi Abe, Executive Vice President of ANA. “We are proud of the extensive recognitions that we have received from independent organizations within the industry, and we will continue holding ourselves to a high standard in all aspects of our business model. Our passengers trust us to get them to their destination on time and the dedication that ANA has shown to ensuring that we are able to exceed their expectations has earned us a loyal consumer base across the globe.”

As part of efforts to improve upon its award-winning 2018 performance, ANA adopted a range of innovative technological solutions to streamline travel. In 2019 alone ANA enhanced service, efficiency and technological integration through the use of self-service baggage dropsblank, remote controlled aircraft tugsblankand other forward-thinking solutions. In addition to embracing innovative new technology, ANA also took steps grounded in logistical efficiencyblank such as the decision to alter check-in times at Haneda International Airport as well as the expansion of security check cut off times at domestic Japanese airports.

These changes all ended up playing a crucial role in ANA’s improved performance as travel to and from Japan was beset by a series of major disruptions throughout the year, including a series of severe typhoons in September and October 2019. The fact that ANA was able to improve on its award-winning 2018 score despite these setbacks is a testament to its efficiency and the dedication of its workforce.

ANA will continue pushing itself to achieve at a higher standard and will adopt innovative approaches so that it is better equipped to continually improve the travel experience for its passengers.